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Rosedale Fishing is a six acre mature lake set in idyllic surroundings situated just 2.5 miles from the East Coast resort of Filey, North Yorkshire

If its one or two days or even a full week of fishing you need, you can rent one of our fully furnished caravans.



Being 6 acres in size and with depths varying from 3' to 20', many features such as 3 islands and mature overhanging trees to all sides providing shade and cover for the fish, lilly beds, reeds and bulrushes can also be found in the margins, makes Rosedale lake one of, if not the premier fresh water fishing venue on the Yorkshire Coast.


The lake is generously stocked with carp, including mirrors, common and ghosties, which average around 10lb but run up to the early 20s providing excellent sport.


Additionally large numbers of bream, roach and perch can be caught everywhere on the lake plus a good head of barble, chub, tench, rudd and crucians.


There are some elusive eels which run over 9lb and a few large catfish which were introduced in the mid 80s which now weigh in excess of 50lb. Pleasure catches of 100lb are common in the summer!


Click Here to see some of the catches made at Rosedale.

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